Zero Balancing

What is Zero Balancing?

Zero Balancing can be described as Structural Acupressure. It is completely unique in the field of body work. Zero Balancing integrates a western scientific knowledge of body structure with eastern understandings of energy and healing. As such it shares many natural healing principles with, for example acupuncture, yoga and shiatsu.

What makes Zero Balancing unique?

Zero Balancing is a powerful body-mind therapy. It uses skilled touch to address the relationships between energy (vitality) and structure within the body. Much of our old stress and deeper patterns of disharmony get stored in bone tissue and joints. This can result in pain, stiffness and tension, posture issues or other health problems in any part of the body. Zero Balancing works with our joints and alignment clearing physical and energetic blocks. It reduces stress or tension stored deep within the body.

Held stretches and precise finger pressure work to create a stronger, clearer field of energy through the deepest structures of the body.

The person who devised this technique –world renowned teacher, Dr Fritz Smith – is a conventional doctor as well as an osteopath and master acupuncturist. It is from this deep understanding of healing principles that Zero Balancing grew.

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How does it feel?

One of my clients recently said about her experience of Zero Balancing (ZB for short)

“I feel more at home in my body.”

My own early experience of ZB was that it helped me to feel more my authentic self without the imprints and deeper tensions that life can impose. In fact, the name Zero Balancing came from someone who said after a ZB,

“I feel balanced – back to zero”

The experience of being more relaxed and present in our own body can be profound, with positive benefits for healing and wellbeing.

“In my practice many clients who come initially for acupuncture try ZB and find they like it so much that they continue with ZB.”

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What happens in a session of Zero Balancing?

Zero Balancing is done with you wearing your normal clothing, preferably with trousers that allow easy movement at the hip.

A Zero Balancing session lasts an hour. First you will be asked what your needs are at this time. This is followed by a gentle assessment of certain joints, movement and posture.  You will then be invited to lie fully clothed on your back on the treatment couch. The work involves gentle releases, finger pressure and held stretches throughout the whole body. Most people find this deeply relaxing, healing and rejuvenating. This detailed attention to your needs can be a rare treat in today’s high-speed, high-tech existence.

What can Zero Balancing do for me?

ZB is often blissfully relaxing, giving some of the qualities experienced practising meditation or yoga or having a massage.

Zero Balancing is a beautiful therapy to receive for the body and the mind. Relaxing, calming and centering, Zero Balancing is a gentle yet powerful way of balancing body energy with body structure. It invites the release of tensions accumulated in the deep structures of the body. Zero Balancing has many healing benefits either for existing conditions, or to support a demanding, busy life.

Some of the effects of a Zero Balancing session.

  • Release of tension in the body
  • Stimulating the relaxation response (nervous system), helping sleep, etc
  • Easing of pain or stiffness
  • Helping a natural re-alignment of the body
  • Feeling more at home and integrated in your body, mind, and spirit
  • Re-energize and refresh your spirit
  • Improving insight, inspiration and creativity
  • Overcoming blocks in realizing your potential

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Zero Balancing and personal growth

A Zero Balancing session can facilitate the flow of life force within you, opening you up to new possibilities and releasing old less helpful patterns which are self-limiting. It is possible to move into new states of awareness where you discover your true nature and realize your inner potential.

A thank you by text following a Zero Balancing treatment.
…..I was going to contact you to thank you for your input for me on Friday afternoon. I am feeling so much better. I’ve had 3 good night’s sleep and feel more relaxed about all the current frustrations on the home front. You definitely have a healing touch. Thank you so much.

- Cathy