A thank you by text following a Zero Balancing treatment.
…..I was going to contact you to thank you for your input for me on Friday afternoon. I am feeling so much better. I’ve had 3 good night’s sleep and feel more relaxed about all the current frustrations on the home front. You definitely have a healing touch. Thank you so much.

- Cathy

“I really was not sure what to expect from acupuncture but I went because I had painful knees, right hand and right foot.
After only a few sessions most of the pain and discomfort has gone and I have much more mobility.
However this has not been the only effect and I can’t believe the difference in my energy levels. Before I would tire easily but now I have enough energy to get through the

- Judith

Professional and friendly, my acupuncture treatment has improved my health and given me such positive results that I have recommended Peter Thompson to both my family and friends …

- YP

I had a bad back for 2 years and repeated visits to Doctors did nothing. After an x-ray showed deterioration in my spine I went to Peter after recommendation from a friend. And it worked: after a few sessions with a combination of acupuncture / massage / zero balancing. Peter has loads of experience and is very easy to talk to and I felt supported to make the right choices and nearly a year later …

- SG

Thank you for all your support over these past few weeks for me. You really helped me get through it all.

Best Wishes PY .

- PY Health Worker