With a detailed understanding of the body’s structures, I can apply safe massage techniques which relieve pain, stress, and tension, and allow the body’s own healing processes to function more effectively. My training in Acupuncture and Zero Balancing deepens my understanding of the body and the conditions people struggle with.

All the treatments below are relaxing, stress relieving, increase blood flow and lymph drainage, and help stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system (the relaxation response – helping sleep, etc)

Image Massage

Remedial Massage

(Swedish massage) relaxing and restoring for any part of the body – soothing, and easing muscles.

Deep Tissue Massage

Does what it says, working on deep knots and older patterns of tension. It can include fascia release as well as deeper muscle tension release.

Sports Massage

(See Deep Tissue Massage above) acute strains and injury require a different approach. The right treatment at the right stage is very important. For chronic problems, deep tissue massage can be combined with Zero balancing techniques.

Intuitive Massage

In tune with the deeper you, healing, and nurturing on a deeper level. Helping find knots you hardly knew were there, clearing blocks in your energy channels for more holistic results so helping body and mind together.  I often combine elements of massage with Zero Balancing techniques especially with neck/shoulder problems and back pain.

My training with renowned teacher David Lauterstein worked with physical tension but also with our energy body and emotional body. With this approach, as with Zero Balancing there is room for intuitive work.

I sometimes combine massage with Zero Balancing techniques especially with neck/shoulder problems and back pain.

Clothing   Only the area of the body to be worked on is uncovered and I leave the room while the client changes and gets on or off the couch.

Combination Treatment

Deep tissue massage can be combined in one seamless session with techniques which include gentle traction e.g., to the neck, ankle or hip or subtle finger pressure to release held tension in joints and deep structures of the body. This is especially helpful for chronic problems. Chronic problems can come from older tension patterns which deep tissue massage and Zero balancing can help with.


Many people experience physical pain caused by injury, stress/tension or repetitive strain. ‘Nerve pain’ is commonly associated with the neck, shoulders and back. Massage can be used to ease pain on its own or alongside acupuncture or acupressure and can be part of managing chronic pain. I use my experience and training to choose the treatment most effective for you.

Treatment can mean that the need for painkillers, steroids and anti-inflammatories is reduced, along with the side effects these drugs can cause.