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Welcome to The Natural Health Clinic.

I have tried to make all the information you may need easy to find.

Do check out About Peter Thompson for details of all the experience and professional training offered. –  it is what you pay for.


The website and acupuncturemassage logo shows the image of a butterfly as a universal metaphor for transformation of the Body ,the Mind, and the Spirit. Transformations i have witnessed many times in my practice. 

I have 33 years of clinical experience in Acupuncture, Massage and Zero Balancing.

Over the past 33 years I have continually trained and developed my practice. My 3 main areas of study have broadened and deepened my knowledge and skills. I find these tried and tested treatments work well together or individually.

I enjoy treating all forms of muscle and joint pain and especially stress related conditions such as IBS, headaches, and migraine. So many conditions can develop from underlying stress and imbalance. A truly holistic approach is key to successful treatment.

If you have a condition, you would like treatment for it can be helpful to have a chat on the phone – which I am always happy to do.


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Mobile. 07952 113 531
Email. peter@acupuncturemassage.co.uk