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Valerie Shipp


BSc (Hons) in Ecology 1982 from Edinburgh University

BA (Hons) in Psychology 1998 from Open University

Diploma HE in Counselling 1998 from University College of St Martins

Accreditation with the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy 2002

Certificate in Supervision 2008 from Jenny Biancardi Consultancy

Practitioner Certificate in Therapeutic Shamanism 2015 from Three Ravens College of Shamanism

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Services Offered

Counselling and Psychotherapy
Therapeutic Shamanism

I first encountered counselling as a client. After a series of life changing events I found myself struggling with depression and anxiety. I eventually sought help through a somewhat eccentric and talented counsellor, Colin Campbell, who sadly has since died. The level of sensitivity and compassion I experienced from Colin made me realise that this was a rare and special way of healing psychological pain.

I retrained as a counsellor alongside my own therapeutic process both of which have deepened my respect and understanding of the resilience of the human mind. With 19 years of training and practice I offer a person centred, holistic approach to individuals and couples which I believe is enriched by my own experience of being the client.

Person Centred counselling focusses on the many layers of emotional experience which the client brings to the process, while the depth of the therapeutic relationship allows trust to grow and new insights to emerge. Carl Rogers (the founder of the person-centred approach) identified the core conditions for this to happen; non-judgemental acceptance, emotional honesty and deep empathy.

I strive to create these conditions every day in my practice and the comments of my clients speak for themselves;

£50 per hour (individuals) - £60 per hour (couples)

I have learned such a lot from you and now feel more confident and able to move forward

You have helped me through some really tough times. My future looks good

My life is now colourful and heading towards new and exciting ventures which I never thought was possible 2 years ago

It is a requirement of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) Ethical Guidelines that every counsellor has at least 1 ½ hrs of supervision a month. In my view everyone who takes care of others physically or psychologically should have some form of supervision for support, self-care and of course, safety for the client. Because our work is strictly confidential, and many of us are lone workers, being able to talk about our concerns in a confidential setting is extremely important. Sometimes a more distant view of the issue can uncover new ways of working or blind spots which the therapist cannot do on their own. I believe supervision is an essential part of our responsibility to ourselves as therapists and our clients.

£65 for 1 ½ hours

The eagle-eyed among you will have spotted that my first degree is in Ecology, followed 16 years later by Psychology. Nature and the environment have been a lifelong passion of mine, so when I discovered Therapeutic Shamanism, which combines psychotherapy and the natural world, I knew I had found something special. In 2015 after 8 years of training I graduated from the Three Ravens College of Shamanism as a Therapeutic Shamanic practitioner.

Shamanism is the oldest form of healing and spirituality known to humans and has been practised for at least 150,000 years in every human culture all over the world. Our shamanic ancestors used their ability to enter a shamanic trance in order to determine which plants had medicinal properties, where there were animals to hunt, how to use the materials around them.

Modern day shamanic practices are, sadly, far removed from such an intimate knowledge of the environment, but we can still use shamanic techniques to give us guidance and support as we embark on our healing journeys. I have found Shamanic healing to be powerful and long lasting as it deepens our connection to nature, and to our own authentic selves.

In shamanism, there are two main reasons why we get ill; power loss and soul loss. Both are caused by weaknesses in our natural defences against external harms. Our protective layer becomes thin or develops holes through which we ‘leak’ parts of ourselves, or these weak areas allow external harms to enter our field. The symptoms are common; tiredness, sleep disruption, infection or illness, low mood, dysfunctional behaviours, a feeling of ‘something is missing’.

In a Shamanic Therapy session, I will carry out an assessment of your needs and how shamanism can help. You will then be invited to accompany me on a shamanic journey, to enter a semi-trance state to the rhythmic sound of a drum, and journey into shamanic reality. We will visit natural worlds where ancestors, guides and healers will perform healing rites using plants, minerals or animals in ancient techniques which we (In Western cultures) have forgotten or lost. You will be welcomed by your own power animal, ancestors or guides and find your own healing truth in an environment of safety and care many find deeply moving.

After we return to ‘normal’ reality we will unpack the journey, identifying which plants, minerals and animals you need to integrate into your life so that the shamanic healing continues. We will use what we have learned to help you towards health and stability where you can rebuild your resources for the future. Follow up sessions will monitor your progress and may include further journeys if necessary.

If you want to know more about the Three Ravens College of Shamanism you can visit www.therapeutic-shamanism.co.uk

£50 per hour (first session is usually 1 ½ hours)