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Sally Stordy-Allison


Certificate in Marital Counselling, September 2003

Diploma in Relationship Counselling, July 2011

Certificate of Training in Emotionally Focused Therapy, May 2012

Professional Certificate in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, December 2018

Registered Member Counsellor with BACP (British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy)

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Sally Stordy-Allison

I am an integrative counsellor which means I can use the most appropriate counselling models to suit the individual needs of my clients. My main approach is person-centred so be reassured that you will be offered empathy, respect, acceptance and confidentiality. I hope to put you at your ease and give you a place to talk over your thoughts and emotions without the fear of being judged or worrying that you are upsetting or hurting anyone. Often the simple act of sharing your thoughts and feelings helps you feel lighter and able to look at life from a fresh perspective. This is the first step towards positive change in your life.

Services Offered

Couples Counselling

If there is something worrying or troubling you counselling can often help.  Talking it over with someone outside the situation may bring immediate relief and help you to find a way forward.

Everyone experiences problems in life from time to time.  Sometimes they become overwhelming and result in a low mood which may contribute to anxiety or depression. However, it is often the way you think about a problem that determines your feelings and subsequent behaviour and it is easy to get into a negative thinking cycle which only makes matters worse.  Counselling can help you identify these unhelpful thinking habits which are often due to childhood influences or significant life events.  By looking at different perspectives, underlying causes and raising your awareness you can begin to change your way of thinking and see yourself and your situation in a new and better light.

The cost of a session is £46 and each session lasts an hour - Daytime and evening appointments available

Relationships are at the cornerstone of our lives and if they are not working this is likely to cause you unhappiness or distress. I offer counselling to couples and single people who are having problems and want better relationships.

All couples have ups and downs often caused by the many stresses and strains of modern life. Sometimes this results in arguments and couples growing apart.  I will help you get your relationship back on track by providing a safe place to talk together, see what is causing your problems and look at ways to bring happiness and fulfilment back into your lives.

If you have come to the end of a relationship, I can provide support to help you through your grief.  By telling your story and making sense of what has happened, it may help you come to terms with your loss. You can then gradually move forward and look at new hopes for your future.

The cost of a session is £46 and each session lasts an hour - Daytime and evening appointments available