Hazel Thomson


B.Sc. Social Science, majoring in Psychology

Postgraduate Diploma London College of Clinical Hypnosis

Diploma British Medical Association Hypnotherapy Board

Postgraduate Certificate Counselling

Postgraduate Diploma Career and Work Counselling

EFT and Deep State Re-patterning

EMDR & Energy Psychology

EMDR for Hypnotherapists

Basic and Advanced Theta Practitioner

First, Second and Third Degree Reiki

First Degree and Second Degree Seichem

Diploma in Therapeutic Massage

Affiliate of PTI Business Coaching Programme

Feng Shui Certificate

Clean Language and Metaphors with David Grove

Mind-Body Healing Processes with Ernest Rossi

Hazel Thomson

Hazel Thomson is a Member of the British Society of Clinical Hypnosis and The Hypnotherapy Association.

Services Offered

Trauma & EMDR
Past Life Regression

Hazel Thomson, Principal MCCH, Clinical Hypnotherapist and Trainer

Helping others to live happy fulfilled lives, and achieve their innermost desires; is not only a passion but a privilege.  I have over 25 years’ clinical experience with qualifications in Psychology, Hypnotherapy, EFT, EMDR, Theta Healing and Reiki.

My approach is eclectic using all the tools I have acquired throughout my career to bring about change in both adults or children in a compassionate safe setting.  I believe deeply in the innate healing capacity of the mind-body connection that continues to inspire and amaze me. Continuing professional development is a core component of my work.

Some of the many issues that I help people with are:

Low mood
Low Self Esteem
Fears & Phobias, e.g. needles spiders, exam nerves
Compulsive disorders e.g. hair pulling, gambling, repetitive tasks
Skin problems
Bereavement including loss of job or pet

Disclaimer* Results and experiences may vary from person to person

“You treated me for stopping smoking in the first week of June last year. Since that date not only have I not had a single cigarette, but I feel as if I have never smoked in my life.”
- J. Sykes

“Thank you for your help during the most critical time of my degree. Your hypnotherapy proved to be of great value to me as it helped to calm me. As I result my recital went well I and I felt happy with how I performed. I was able to pause between each piece and think about posture and breathing. Without your therapy I wouldn’t have worked for my finals as well as I did. I even enjoyed studying – you contributed very much towards my 1st class honours degree.”
- E Simms

Christopher had a severe case of fear of flying when he came to see me. He had just one session. Here is what he told me, “When you hypnotised me and I drew a picture, it came true. I had a good flight and I wasn’t scared.
- Christopher. Aged 12

Dyslexia can be treated in a variety of ways but here is a very positive outcome from someone who could read better when glasses with pink lenses. A suggestion was made during hypnotherapy that the unconscious mind could activate a pink filter when individual was reading without the need for glasses. Not only did the client report an incredible improvement in his ability to read but also his optician phoned to say following his hypnosis treatment that there was a physiological change to the eye that could not be explained. Hazel has a fantastic natural ability of teaching and explains the most complicated things in a manner that anyone can understand. She makes hypnotherapy look and sound so easy. Thank you very much Hazel, you are great!
- S. Harris

*Truly Life Changing….. just great, and I do feel I have the knowledge and experience now to carry out hypnotherapy. Definitely recommend the course.
- J. Cowing

*I’ve been meaning to drop you a note for ages to say a huge thank you for my certificate. It arrived a couple of weeks ago and of all the certificates I have (including the one I’ve just received from Mr Bandler) it’s the one I’m most proud of. *Many thanks for conceiving, tailoring & delivering such a fantastic course.
- K. Johnston

Trauma and PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) affect a great many individuals and many traumas have their roots in childhood. Typical incidents many include sexual abuse or bullying but trauma can also be derived as a result of neglect or dealing with parents who abused drugs or alcohol. Soldiers are prone to PTSD because they have witnessed atrocities.  Other causes include abusive relationships, being witness to a crime, or even being trapped in a fire.

Typical symptoms are flashbacks, repetitive thinking and nightmares.  EMDR or eye motor desensitisation reprocessing is the recognised treatment for PTSD and is used extensively within the NHS. The process of EMDR is the act of watching a moving target combined with thinking about the negative stimulus whilst at the same time tapping on meridians on the body.  This teaches the mind/body to be calm and face the fear.  At the same time the client is able to process difficult feelings surrounding the event which allows them to live in the present and look forward to the future.

EMDR is just one of a number of tools that can be used to treat trauma.  If you would like to know more please do not hesitate to contact me to discuss how these tools can help you.

Disclaimer* Results and experiences may vary from person to person

I frequently use regression techniques in the present life of a client to help them find solutions for current issues.  However a number of clients wish to investigate and resolve patterns of behaviour which they believe are to do with a past life.  We certainly do know that genetics do play a part in our own DNA although current science acknowledges that the perception of a cell is frequently more influenced by its environment rather than by genetics. Simply put genetics in itself does not explain all medical phenomena.

I am frequently surprised by the detail a client can report during a past life regression and I think in all cases the individual can understand or relate to parallels in their current life. I do encourage anyone who is wondering about Past Life Regression and has a significant issue within their present circumstance to explore where it might arise in their present life first.

For anyone who is curious, Past Life Regression offers genuine insight to the self, the journey of the soul and assists with self-development. I believe it offers a more holistic view of the world and our role within it.  Equally for some it resolves and provides the healing they need.

Disclaimer* Results and experiences may vary from person to person

A Past Life Regression takes approximately an hour and a half and costs £60.00