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Acupuncture / Allergic Rhinitis

I am really exited about the results I am getting with a client who has streamed from the nose so much so that he reported finding tissues too expensive .The symptoms started 12 to 14 years ago and were getting worse when he thought to try acupuncture. He used an antihistamine for most of that time .The cost of tissues and drugs all those years must have added up to a fortune !
He now takes ...

Acupuncture News

Celebrating 25 Years as an acupuncturist !

At the time of writing it will be 25 years ago in March 1990 that I started in acupuncture practice, after 3 demanding but hugely enjoyable years of training. In the first week of training I knew I had embarked on what was for me to be a very special journey. I made many great friends in training and in my practice it was wonderful to be of help to ...

Massage News

Most if not all of us will develop tension patterns in their muscles at one time or another. This will be for a number of reasons. Repetitive strain is one, for example typing and using a mouse at the computer can develop tightness which with time can become painful. Stress is another cause of tension e.g. leading nerves to contract muscle in the back or commonly in the neck and shoulders. ...

Zero Balancing News

Last Summer I had the privilege to train with the originator of Zero Balancing Dr Fritz Smith. This was his last formal Zero Balancing workshop in the UK. He taught more than 80 experienced practitioners being well over 80 years old! His vitality and wellbeing is evident. This was a big landmark event for me and many others who had benefited from his inspirational workshops over many years. He ...