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Celebrating 25 Years as an acupuncturist !

At the time of writing it will be 25 years ago in March 1990 that I started in acupuncture practice, after 3 demanding but hugely enjoyable years of training. In the first week of training I knew I had embarked on what was for me to be a very special journey. I made many great friends in training and in my practice it was wonderful to be of help to people from all walks of life. I have so many treasured memories of clients I have been able to help in a wide variety of ways. I look forward to learning much more and meeting lots of new faces.

Last week a client told me that Acupuncture and Zero Balancing had helped her various stress symptoms a lot. Even more than that she felt that what we talked about in her sessions had changed her thinking in a fresh and very helpful way. This she was saying was making a real difference in her life.