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Most if not all of us will develop tension patterns in their muscles at one time or another. This will be for a number of reasons. Repetitive strain is one, for example typing and using a mouse at the computer can develop tightness which with time can become painful. Stress is another cause of tension e.g. leading nerves to contract muscle in the back or commonly in the neck and shoulders. Injury or trauma can be another cause which can lead to compensating tensions in one area of the body or flaccid muscle in another. Having an understanding of these tension patterns is the key to unlocking that tension. It is possible to break the cycle of tension which causes pain, which creates more tension.

Often nerve pain is experienced along with this tension. Chronic muscle tension is enough to press on nerve tissue which leads to messages of pain being sent to the brain. This identifies problems coming from a particular area of the body. Nerve pain can be experienced commonly in the neck and shoulders. When this is more severe, aching or tingling pain can be felt along the nerve pathway into the arm or the hand. Sciatica involves pain manifesting along the sciatic nerve and can radiate down the back of the leg. This can relate to long standing compensation patterns throughout the lower back, the structures of the pelvis and in the legs.

Common Conditions Treated

I commonly work on neck and shoulder issues including frozen shoulders, tension headaches, tight jaw, upper and lower back problems, feet and ankles, pelvis and hips.

Which Treatment Is Best?

Having used my 3 main therapies for many years now I feel better able to use my knowledge and experience to determine what therapy will deliver the best, most rapid change.

There are some conditions which are better treated by another therapy. For example arthritic joints are better suited to acupuncture treatment. Another example is stress with all its various symptoms. Massage of course will help but a deeper longer lasting, and therefore more cost effective treatment would be in my experience acupuncture or Zero Balancing.